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The Lost Gardens of Heligan by Sir Tim Smit

The Lost Gardens of Heligan by Sir Tim Smit

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Discover the story behind The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan were discovered under a tangled veil of overgrowth in February 1990; after decades of neglect this historic gem had been smashed into almost certain oblivion by a great storm only weeks before. The pioneers, Tim Smit and John Nelson, became instantly captivated and gave much of the following decades to reviving this Sleeping Beauty... extricating stunning veteran horticultural treasures from nature's embrace and excavating and restoring mysterious working buildings not just to structure but to their original, life-giving purpose - all under the public gaze. 

The original, no1 best-selling and award-winning adventure story, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, has now been updated by the author to celebrate 25 years open to the public. A generation on, Tim Smit has at last fulfilled his original mission, to establish a rare breeds farm! 

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