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Mini Jam Gift Set

Mini Jam Gift Set

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Indulge in four classic breakfast favourites with this collection of mini jam jars.   

Contains a 40g jar of Pineapple & Lime Jam, Plum & Ginger Jam , Classic Strawberry Jam, and Three Fruit Marmalade. 


Pineapple & Lime Jam: Pineapple 50%, sugar, lime juice 7.6%, lime zest, gelling agent: pectin, salt. 

Plum & Ginger Jam: Plums 46%, sugar, lemon juice, ginger 1.8%, gelling agent: pectin, rosemary.

Classic Strawberry Jam: sugar, strawberries 40%, lemon juice, gelling agent: pectin, butter (Milk). 

Three Fruit Marmalade: sugar, grapefruit 14%, orange 7%, lemon 5%, water. 

4 varieties of 40g mini jars. 

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